Photo Competition

Support the calendar! Entries Due April 24th 2020.

The categories are:

  1. Plant Portrait
  2. Plants in the Landscape
  3. Plants and people

It's easier than ever - no prints required.

To enter just email up to 5 digital photos as JPEG files between 2-8 MB to along with the electronic entry form. Label each image with the category number followed by a caption and email in batches of no more than 16 MB per batch. Entrants must be current members of the Botanical Society of Otago.

There will be a prize of $50 for the winner of each category. Entries will be judged on technical and artistic merit by a panel of three judges. A separate prize of $50 may be awarded for members' choice on the night. Photos will be displayed and winners will be announced at the meeting on 13th May. Only photos of native plants (with or without people and landscapes) will be considered for the calendar and pictures in landscape orientation are more suitable for this.

Entry form for the BSO Photo competition for 2020 (docx)