2021 Photo Competition

Welcome to the 2021 BSO Photo Competition. This year, we received 46 photos, from 12 photographers, across the 3 categories.

Our judges announced the overall category winners on May 12th 2021 at the AGM. At the same time we announced the People’s Choice Award chosen by BSO members. For the second time ever the members agreed with the judges!

Category Winner: Plant Portrait

Adenochilus gracilis
Adenochilus gracilis by John Barkla. A colony of orchids on a rotting beech log under silver beech forest, Takitimu Mountains

Category Winner: Plants in the Landscape and People’s Choice Award

Alpine Tarns
Defiant before the storm by John Barkla. Slim snow tussock (Chionochloa macra) on the crest of the Dunstan Range.

Category Winner: Urban Ecology

Takitimu camp
Life behind bars by Allison Knight. This very sick Xanthoria parietina clings to the bars of the fence around Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Tremella, a lichenicolous fungus, caused the pustulous galls on the apothecia.

Viewing Information

We set this page up for members choice voting but now you may now use it to browse the photos by clicking on the category buttons below. You can optionally assemble a shortlist of favourites.