Trip Guidelines


Trips leave from the Department of Botany car park.

For Participants

  • Check details: The trip programme may be subject to alteration. Check your emails and the BSO website for updates in advance of the trip. If in doubt check with the trip leader.
  • Sign in: Give your name and emergency contact details to the trip leader at the start of the trip.
  • Required kit: Adequate food, drink, outdoor clothing, suitable footwear and gear for all weather conditions, first aid kit. A whistle, cell phone and/or personal locator beacon (PLB) could be handy for emergencies.
  • Recommended kit: A daypack, hand lens and botanical field guides
  • You are responsible for your own first aid kit. Those with allergies or medical conditions are asked to carry their own antihistamines and medications, and to make the trip leader aware of any potential problems and how to deal with them.
  • Communicate with the trip leader: Individuals are responsible for keeping to the planned route and returning to vehicles at the agreed time. Ensure the trip is within your capabilities. If in doubt, discuss with the leader who reserves the right to restrict attendance. Keep with the group and inform the leader if you wish to leave the group.
  • Communicate with your driver: If you change cars mid-trip, leave a written note for your driver.
  • Travel costs: Transport on trips is generally by car pool. Recommended rate is 20 cents/km/passenger (assuming 4 passengers), to be paid to the driver.

For Drivers

  • Please ensure you know where you are going, and who is in your car.
  • Zero the odometer at the start, agree on a return time to the vehicle and to the Botany carpark.
  • Account for all your passengers before you leave the trip location to return to the Botany carpark. If you are leaving the trip location before the trip leader, inform the trip leader or leave a written note confirming you and all those in your vehicle have left.
  • Collect contributions towards transport costs. Be prepared to give passengers your bank account number.

For Trip Leaders

  • Advertise travel distance and cost in trip blurb, also degree of difficulty and expected return time.
  • Check access with landowners.
  • Obtain plant lists if available and collecting permits if needed.
  • Check weather reports.
  • Carry compass, map and first aid kit.
  • A whistle, cell phone and personal locator beacon (PLB) could be handy for emergencies.
  • Remind drivers to always keep the following vehicle in sight if traveling in convoy.
  • List all trip participants and their contact numbers and leave this list in the lead vehicle (usually your vehicle). It’s recommended you use the “Field trip registration form” linked to below.
    • Stay aware of how many participants are within view or earshot throughout the trip and ask participants if someone seems to be missing (e.g., if the participant didn’t indicate they would be leaving the group).
  • Keep the group informed:
    • Discuss health and safety considerations with the group at the start
    • Clearly state the planned route and activities, including when and where the group will stop for breaks and what the return time is.
  • Please arrange for someone to write a trip report and a plant list (if appropriate) for the Newsletter.

Field trip registration form

Safety plan documentation