Audrey Eagle Drawing Competition

The Botanical Society of Otago’s Audrey Eagle Botanical Drawing Competition.

Botanical artistry is not a widespread skill, so there’s a good chance of winning the first prize of $100, second prize of $50 or third prize of $25! Remember that you must be a current member to enter.

Judging criteria

  1. Botanical accuracy
  2. Detail, especially of important identification features
  3. Clarity of lines
  4. Proportional representation and scale
  5. Layout
  6. Suitability for reproduction in newsletter (grey scale) or website (colour)
  7. Accurate caption, eg botanical name of plant, where it came from, date drawn.
  8. Botanical notes or comments of interest eg key to botanical details, history, distribution, uses, variations etc. (The NZPCN website could be helpful)
  9. Preference will be given to plants that have been rarely illustrated eg a lichen or an uncommon wetland plant would be more valuable scientifically than a kauri.
  10. Above all, artistic merit carries the highest rating.

Conditions of entry

  1. Unframed framed entries must be submitted with an entry form, by Monday October 1, 2018 to the Botanical Society of Otago, PO Box 6214, Dunedin North 9059, or handed in to the Department of Botany Office, 479 Great King Street, between 1-3 pm.
  2. The drawing must be your original work. A drawing from life is preferable and a copy of an existing botanical drawing is not acceptable.
  3. There is a limit of 3 entries, with a minimum size A4, maximum A3.
  4. You should include a title and notes of botanical interest.
  5. Judges will be kept unaware of your identity while judging - so don’t sign the front!
  6. Entries will be displayed and prizes awarded during the talk on Wednesday 10 October 2018, in the Benham Seminar Room on the second floor in the Zoology building, 346 Great King St., beside the Captain Cook Hotel.
  7. BSO may use copies, with due acknowledgement, in the Newsletter and website.
  8. Entries are open to current BSO members – our subscription is very low! There is a special subscription rate of $5 for school students. Members who have won first prize in 2 consecutive competitions are not eligible, though they may display their drawings for sale.
  9. No prizes will be given if there are no entries of sufficient quality.
  10. If there are insufficient entries the competition may be postponed.
  11. There is no entry fee, so please include an addressed, pre-paid envelope or tube if you would like your drawings returned.
  12. Your entries may be put up for sale at the Members Night if you wish.

Download the entry form (doc)

2018 winning entry


Kothalsella lindsayi growing on Melicope simplex. Original artwork by Helen Jones. Medium: watercolour.

2012 winning entry


Celmisia lindsayi, clockwise from left: habit, ray floret, achene, disc floret. Original artwork by Sharon Jones. Medium: watercolour.