2023 Photo Competition

Welcome to the 2023 BSO Photo Competition. This year, we received 56 photos, from 13 photographers, across the 3 categories.

Our judges announced the overall category winners on May 10 2023 at the AGM. At the same time we announced the People’s Choice Award chosen by BSO members. This year we had a three-way tie for the People’s Choice Award

Category Winner: Plant Portrait

Species needs renaming by John Knight
Species needs renaming by John Knight. Clematis foetida Raoul, should be renamed Clematis euodia (sweet smelling Gk) or hedyosmus (L) - Tuapeka West

Category Winner: Plants in the Landscape

Grandly standing above forest giants by Rach Baxter
Grandly standing above forest giants by Rach Baxter. Leucogenes grandiceps, Paparoa track

Category Winner: Mosses, Fungi, Lichens, and Liverworts

Agrocybe parasitica by David Lyttle
Agrocybe parasitica by David Lyttle. Fruiting bodies of the fungus growing on trunk of living elderberry

People’s Choice Award (1/3)

Faces in the fronds by Stella Fish
Faces in the fronds by Stella Fish. Masses of Durvillaea on the coastline of The Snares heave in the swell, occasionally revealing humanoid faces.

People’s Choice Award (2/3)

Ganoderma ursa by Stella Fish
Ganoderma ursa by Stella Fish. Ganoderma ursa surveys a Fiordland forest.

People’s Choice Award (3/3)

Crown jewels by Allison Knight
Crown jewels by Allison Knight. Red apothecia adorn the grainy splash cups of the Red-fruited pixie cup lichen, Cladonia pleurota. Raindrops splashing up help disperse the spores. Great Barrier Island.

Viewing Information

We set this page up for members choice voting but now you may now use it to browse the photos by clicking on the category buttons below. You can optionally assemble a shortlist of favourites.