Mycorrhizal fungi - ubiquitous underground partners of plants

Wednesday 11th of February 2004, 05:20 PM (18 years ago)

Contact: David Orlovich |

A talk by Prof. John Cairney, from the University of Western Sydney. Prof. Cairney is an expert on the population ecology and ecophysiology of mycorrhizas and mycorrhizal fungi. He is visiting Dunedin during February 2004 as a William Evans Visiting Fellow. The majority of terrestrial plants exist naturally in symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi, a form of mutualistic interaction that is thought not only to be important in enhancing the ecological fitness of individual plants, but also in shaping plant populations and communities. This talk will provide an introduction to these fascinating associations, with emphasis on the ecology of the fungi that form mycorrhizas with trees and epacrids. At the NEW Zoology Benham Building, 346 Great King Street, behind the Zoology car park by the Captain Cook Hotel. Use the main entrance of the Benham Building to get in and go to the Benham Seminar Room, Rm. 215, 2nd floor. Please be prompt as we have to hold the door open.