Plant life at the margin: colonization and survival on the northern rim of the world

Talk / Seminar on Wednesday 12th of November 2014, 05:20 PM (9 years ago)

Contact: David Lyttle | | (03) 454 5470

The speaker is Dr Pernille Bronken Eidesen, Associate Professor at the University Centre in Svalbard, who is presently visiting Botany Department University of Otago. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean that was fully glaciated during the last glacial maximum. It is assumed that all current plants in Svalbard have colonized during the last 10000 years. Remarkably, many seeds have managed to cross large oceans to reach Svalbard, though few have managed to establish. The harsh climate, the short growing season and the low nutrient availability require a range of adaptations. Through pictures and video, Professor Eidesen will present how plants have recolonized the Arctic and in particular Svalbard after the glaciation and discuss some of the adaptations needed to survive on the margin. This promises to be a very interesting talk as the physical environment and vegetation of the High Arctic is very different to anything found in New Zealand. At the Zoology Benham Building, 346 Great King Street, behind the Zoology car park by the Captain Cook Hotel. Use the main entrance of the Benham Building to get in and go to the Benham Seminar Room, Rm. 215, 2nd floor. Please be prompt as we have to hold the door open.