A walk in the (paleo) woods

Wednesday 19th of May 2004, 05:20 PM (19 years ago)

Contact: Ian Radford | ian.radford@botany.otago.ac.nz | (03) 479 9065

Don't miss this fascinating glimpse into the past. A walk in the (paleo) woods: leaves, bark, ferns and epiphyllous fungi in the 40 million year old Pikopiko fossil forest. Presented by paleobotanists Daphne Lee and award-winning Jennifer Bannister. Fossil forests are rare in New Zealand. The best known South Island example is the Jurassic forest at Curio Bay. This talk will describe the Pikopiko fossil forest, which has trees still spaced in life position exposed on the east bank of the Waiau River, near Tuatapere, Southland. At the NEW Zoology Benham Building, 346 Great King Street, behind the Zoology car park by the Captain Cook Hotel. Use the main entrance of the Benham Building to get in and go to the Benham Seminar Room, Rm. 215, 2nd floor. Please be prompt as we have to hold the door open.