Lichen & Fungal Foray to Knights Bush

Saturday 14th of October 2023, 10:00 AM (2 weeks from now)

Contact: Allison Knight

This 230 ha property bordering the Clutha River conserves some of the last remaining native forest from the lakes to the sea. There are hundreds of lichens for your Enlichenment amidst regenerating and old-growth kanuka, silver and black beech, ancient totara and matai on the southern slopes, regenerating podocarp/broad-leaf forest on the river flat and kowhai/divaricating shrubs on the sunny north faces. Spring will bring a flush of other unique fungi and David Orlovich will be on hand to help explore and identify them, while Allison Knight and Marley Ford will share their lichen expertise. Tracks are steep and could be slippery. 4WD is recommended and carpooling is needed as parking is limited. To book email Allison Knight: by 10th October.