Nature conservation and grazing management in Europe and New Zealand

Wednesday 18th of February 2004, 05:20 PM (18 years ago)

Contact: Ian Radford | | (03) 479 9065

A talk by Dr Jan Bokdam, Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group, Wageningen, The Netherlands. Dr Bokdam's research interests include: Plant-herbivore interactions, especially between vascular plants and herbivorous mammals; Defensive and exploitative adaptations of plants to herbivores; Consequences of co-evolution for coexistence, survival and extinction; Effects of herbivores on plant processes, successional pathways and mosaics; Implementation of plant-herbivore interactions in conservation management strategies; Consequences of incompleteness and over-completeness of the herbivore assemblage and abiotic catena on habitat use, vegetation succession and biodiversity; Maintenance, restoration, substitution and mitigation as elements of conservation management schemes. At the NEW Zoology Benham Building, 346 Great King Street, behind the Zoology car park by the Captain Cook Hotel. Use the main entrance of the Benham Building to get in and go to the Benham Seminar Room, Rm. 215, 2nd floor. Please be prompt as we have to hold the door open.