Closing date for Audrey Eagle Prize for Botanical Drawing

Monday 8th of March 2004, 12:00 AM (18 years ago)

Contact: Allison Knight | | 027487 8265

Entries may be given to Audrey to take home for judging at our evening meeting on 8 March. Any medium is permitted, colour or black and white. The main criterion is that it has a botanical theme. Audrey suggests that something that has not been fully illustrated yet, like a small herbaceous plant, a lichen or a liverwort would be of added botanical interest. The president would love to have colour pictures to feature on our website, the committee is keen to have something we can use as a logo or letterhead, while the editor will be delighted to have original art to feature in the BSO newsletter, especially if there is an interesting note to go with it. (Bear in mind that the newsletter is set out in 14 pt font on A4 pages, which are photocopy-reduced to A5 for publishing in black and white.)