Lichens on Twigs Workshop

Workshop on Saturday 26th of July 2003, 10:00 AM (20 years ago)

Contact: Allison Knight

with Jennifer Bannister and Allison Knight. Leaves are falling and wind is blowing, exposing and dropping twigs. Lichens growing on the newly exposed bark of twigs are good environmental monitors. We thought it would be interesting to get an indication of what is growing on twigs in our area, and then talk about the possibility of a distribution map. Start collecting interesting twigs you come across now. Please note where you found them and what tree or shrub they are from. Air-dry them and store them in a dry place (or in the freezer if you want to slow browsing by invertebrates). Bring: lichens on twigs, hand lens and lunch. Microscopes and laboratory space are generously made available by the Department of Botany, tea and coffee will be supplied by the BSO. Related reading: Try the British website on lichens on twigs for interactive keys and some useful basic information. For common NZ species, see: Lichens on Trees: Identification Guide to Common Lichens and Plants on Urban and Rural Trees in New Zealand, by P. N. Johnson and D. J. Galloway, Landcare Research, Dunedin 1999