Banks Peninsulas Botany; the past, the present and the future

Wednesday 11th of October 2006, 05:20 PM (14 years ago)

Contact: Allison Knight | | 027 487 8265

A talk by Hugh Wilson, 5th Geoff Baylis Lecturer. Banks Peninsula is a unique part of NZ. It has suffered massive changes to its flora and fauna because of two waves of human settlement, Polynesian and European. Hugh will look at Banks Peninsula in pre-human times, at what happened as humans impacted on it, what it is like now and what it might be like in 100 years time. Hugh is guardian of more than 1000 hectares, 1%, of Banks Peninsula. He manages Hinewai Reserve under a policy of minimum interference and is documenting the reappearance of native vegetation. NOTE SPECIAL VENUE, Castle 1 Lecture Theatre, Otago University.