Tunnel Beach

Saturday 20th of April 2013, 09:00 AM (7 years ago)

Contact: John Barkla | mjbarkla@xtra.co.nz | (03) 476 3686

Half-day visit to the dramatic coastal sandstone cliffs, caves, tunnels and arches just south of Dunedin. It's a short 20 min walk down to the mouth of the tunnel, where a stunning natural arch is still covered in a close mat of coastal turf plants, despite continued grazing and trampling. Look out for; tiny selliera (Selliera radicans), sea primrose (Samolus repens) and tiny button daisy (Leptinella dioica) and their low-growing companions. A hand lens and kneeling pad would be handy. Dress for the weather and wear shoes or boots with a good grip—the drop-offs are sheer! Meet at the Botany Car Park for car pooling, or at the Tunnel Beach car park 20 min later.