Moores Bush and cryptogam ID workshop

Saturday 12th of June 2004, 09:30 AM (19 years ago)

Contact: Allison Knight

Morning Field Trip to Moores Bush, followed by afternoon cryptogam identification workshop. Moores Bush, in the upper Leith Valley, is the site of an on-going Forest and Bird restoration project, returning what was once dairy pasture to native forest. Their main emphasis now is in creating a mammal-free 'mini-mainland island' to aid the regeneration of podocarps. Miro, matai, totara, kahikatea and mountain cedar are all present, with some magnificent specimens towering above the vigorously regenerating under-story. Our main aim will be to help update the lichen, bryophyte and fern lists. Cryptogam (non-flowering plants) specimens needing identification will be brought back to the laboratory for the afternoon workshop in the Botany Dept. Lichen leaders Allison Knight and Jennifer Bannister, mosses - Maia Mistral. Leave Botany car park at 9:30 AM. Bring hand lens and lunch.